If you're having trouble getting FishText to connect using GPRS on your phone then have a look below to see if anyone else has had a similar problem on your mobile network. The following instructions have been added by other FishText users. Remember, FishText needs full Internet access, not just mobile browsing, in order to connect. If you have found settings that work for you but aren't listed here, please contact us to tell us what they are and we'll put them on this page.
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3 (Hutchison) - Contract Settings
Hey, Just got a brand new N95 8GB on 3 and accidentally deleted the GPRS settings. Managed to find them again though after a bit of bother so I'm telling you to pass on to your customers who have any similar problems. Settings are - Connection name = 3, Data Bearer = packet data, Access point name = three.co.uk, username and password is blank, finally authentication is Normal. thanks
- Pete
Orange - Contract Settings
Hi, Just to let you know I've managed to setup my new Nokia E65 with FishText on Orange, settings are - access point name = orangewap and username and password are blank. The settings are called Orange GPRS.
- Ben
Vodafone UK - Contract Settings
Hello, just to let your users know - I tried to get FishText working on my new Vodafone mobile, apparently I should of just been able to use the contract internet settings as these are for direct access to the Internet. However they didn't seem to be setup on my phone so after a quick call to Vodafone they told me what i needed to do and i was up and texting in no time.
- Claire
ASDA mobile - Pay As You Go Settings
Hi, I just set up FishText on my O2 XDA Orbit, I use ASDA mobile PAYG SIM and I found some help for the internet settings here: http://www.asdamobile.com/help/mms_internet_settings.html and http://www.filesaveas.com/gprs.html. I'm gonna go on holiday soon and probably will save money for me on SMS, thank you guys :)
- Pedro
Orange - BlackBerry - General Settings
Hello! I have just managed to find settings for Orange that have enabled my blackberry to work with fishtext and would like to share! If you go to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > TCP IP. APN settings must be enabled and next to APN you should type "Orangeinternet". Hope that helps.
- Dan
AT&T - Contract Settings
Hello - I want you to know that I've successfully used FishText on my BlackBerry Pearl 8120, The settings for an AT&T BlackBerry are:
APN = wap.cingular - with no username or password - those should be blank.
- Amy
USA T-Mobile - Contract Settings
The APN setting you need to use for FishText is wap.voicestream.com.
- Mark
Zimbabwe Comms
- Kelly in Zimbabwe

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