I need advice on Data Charges

FishText uses less data per message that you send than any similar mobile text messaging application, so you save even more.

When you use FishText a small amount of data is sent and received over the mobile network. Depending on how you have configured FishText, this may only happen when you send a message or, if you have Check incoming enabled, at a set interval. You can obtain data pricing from your mobile network operator, and most operators will have special data products that make using FishText even cheaper. This table shows how much data FishText uses in some typical usage scenarios:

Enter your cost per megabyte (1MB) and click Calculate to view your approximate data charges when using FishText.
(For example, if your cost per megabyte is £2.35, enter 2.35)

Actions Cost
Sending a full 160 character message:  
Sending a full 459 character message:  
Checking your balance:  
Check incoming (per check):  
Different mobile network operators may disclose their data pricing in different increments.
1MB (one megabyte) is the same as 1024KB (one thousand and twenty four kilobytes)
1KB (one kilobyte) is the same as 1024B (one thousand and twenty four bytes)
These costs are an estimate only. They are charged by your network, not FishText, according to your tariff.